Wildflower Mixes - 1 Pound

Save money when designing a colorful garden from seed! Shop wildflower seeds in bulk to achieve amazing results without over-spending. At Bulk Wildflowers we offer 1-pound bags of the best wildflower mixes and species to fill a space of about 1,000 square feet. Products include regional and state flower mixes, perennials, and annuals in every color. There's a one-pound bulk wildflower mix for every USDA planting zone. Bulk Wildflowers' high-quality seeds are suitable for various growing conditions and serve great purposes beyond their visible beauty in the garden. Try one of our best sellers in the one-pound size: The Bulk Bees Knees Pollinator Wildflower Seed Mix, Bulk Heirloom Flower Seed Mix, or Bulk Partial Shade Wildflower Seed Mix. One pound of these seeds will bring endless joy.

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