Wildflower Mixes - 25 Pounds

Landscapers, planners, and designers look no further! Bulk Wildflowers provides an excellent selection of flower seed mixes for large-scale gardening projects. Our 25-pound seed mixes include large versions of our most popular collections, like Bulk Burst of Bloom Annual & Perennial Wildflower Seed Mix and Bulk Bird & Butterfly Wildflower Seed Mix. With bulk seeds in the 25-pound size, you can save money while creating a stunning garden or meadow that covers about an acre of space. Our custom-made mixes are designed to address different challenges and conditions. They can work well in shady areas, dry landscapes, or places where deer roam. They contain colorful annuals, perennials, pollinator favorites, and other special varieties. Whether you simply need a big pop of color or a variety that thrives in specific soil and moisture conditions, Bulk Wildflowers has you covered. Choose our 25-pound bulk wildflower mixes for a cost-effective solution to your large-scale gardening needs.